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Athletic Abs

Athletic Abs

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Attain the essential core strength that will result in rock-hard abs without doing endless crunches! Scott Cole, the fitness celebrity made famous on the Abs of Steel video, presents his revolutionary program to develop and maintain a sculpted midsection.

This workout can be done at home, and no expensive equipment is necessary! Rather than focus on endless repetitions of painful crunches, this program uses your entire body to condition your core. Athletic Abs combines principles found in sport training, martial arts, gymnastics, and yoga to isolate and develop the four abdominal regions. Not only will these exercises result in a chiseled look, they'll also increase your overall strength, flexibility, and balance. Plus, a special section combining nutrition and interval training will help you burn fat and showcase your abs.

In addition to starring in the bestselling Abs of Steel, Scott Cole has been named one of IDEA's top five fitness trainers in the world. He has been featured as a fitness expert on ABC, NBC, and HGTV and has written for USA Today, Men's Fitness, Shape, GQ, and Fit, among many others. He is currently one of the most sought-after fitness professionals in the world. Together, Scott Cole and cowriter Tom Seaborne, an elite cyclist and third-dan black belt, have over 45 years of experience helping thousands achieve their physical peak.

Whether you are looking to enhance your general fitness or improve your sports performance, the Athletic Abs workout will ensure that you achieve a powerful core of chiseled, rock-hard abs!


  • Author(s): Cole, Seabourne
  • Published: 9-24-2002
  • SHK01134

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