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Slim Bride. The 30 day guide for super fast fat loss.: Complete diet and exercise guide.

Slim Bride. The 30 day guide for super fast fat loss.: Complete diet and exercise guide.

Slim Bride. The 30 day guide for super fast fat loss.: Complete diet and exercise guide. Rating:
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A full color guide for brides to look their best on their wedding day. Diet and exercise complete. Nothing else to know. Just follow the system. Lose the fat, and the bloat, be slim and thin. Don't risk your wedding. The money you invest (in yourself) on my fat loss system is small pennies compared to your dress, food, photographer, and other wedding expenses. The book costs about the same as 7 fattening large sodas, lattes, smoothies, or colored sugar water sports drink. Skip the fattening drinks and buy this book instead. Look slim and sexy at your wedding. This is where you should be spending your money and time--on yourself--and on how you will look. If you look and feel great...the rest will take care of itself. You deserve to spend a tiny bit of money on your body--so it looks the very best it can be! Wedding photos are forever. Don't wait. Don't regret. You can lose serious fat. All my models, brides to be, bikini models and actresses use this guide to shape up fast! You need it too! A book every person wanting to lose fat,-- should buy first. A blueprint for losing fat fast. Serious about looking your best for your wedding. Do you need to drop some fat in a hurry? This is your book! No nonsense. No bull! No one can fail on this system. I have never seen it fail. Don't you hate guessing? I do. I like knowing. It's all here, so easy to learn, a child can do it. We make it simple so you can focus on doing. This is not a boring science text book. it is an action book! It is written to give you ONLY the information you need (to lose fat) and get started now. It is a "show me" then you "do it" book. A complete plan of eating and training to lose fat as fast as possible. Always wanted this information? Now you have it. Written by Fitness expert, trainer and athlete Dan Burke. A gem of a book that will help you lose fat fast and look your very best on your special day! Special sections for athletes, and advanced athletes (for people who complete) and normal people who just want to do it smart and fast! Lose all the fat now and stop guessing. Shape up faster than anyone thought possible. Full color photos throughout. This book is based on 40 years training others and working with other experts. This is the best guide of it's kind. Fully illustrated. Full color illustrated daily menus. Easy to use and understand. The Slim Bride system works.


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